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28 April 2011 @ 05:42 am
The Vampire Diaries Drunk Crack Theory Speculation Post!  
So this took too much time and effort to write up, but here it is! At first I was just trying to figure out all my thoughts on the season so far, and what I think the finale has in store for us, but after reading all the other speculation posts it turned into absolute insanity. So go ahead and read and  enjoy my crazy!


The witches believed in the balance of power and that everything must have a weakness. They couldn't simply let something like Klaus walk around with all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses of two of the strongest supernatural species on the planet. So in order to prevent his werewolf side from flaring up they created a curse that would subdue it. So he can't change into a wolf, but he is capable of surviving a wound caused by silver, which is a werewolf characteristic. I think what the curse does is prevent him from transforming and from creating more creatures like him.

Based off of what Katherine told Elena in 2.09 and the few bits and pieces that were mentioned in 2.19 there are several things required for the breaking of the curse. Since they are required for the breaking of the curse, I can only assume they were required for the making of the curse. These things are:




Birthplace of the Doppelganger



In order to create and break the curse obviously a
Witch is needed to perform the spell. Klaus obviously has his own witches for this part so it won't be very hard for him to check this off his list, but I think there's more to the witch ingredient than just performing the spell.

During 2.09 Katherine says that she had a witch lined up, but she bailed, but that Bonnie would do just fine. Now at first I thought she meant just to perform the spell, but that would imply that Katherine thought that Bonnie would be strong enough to perform the spell by herself, but at that point in the season she clearly wasn't. She had trouble simply lifting the tomb curse. I theorize that the curse needs a witch sacrifice as well as all the other sacrifices in order for the spell to work. This seems like the type of spell to call for a lot of blood to be spilled.

The Moonstone most likely played the same role in the making of the curse as Emily Bennet's necklace did in the tomb spell, and was used to harness the power of the moon like the crystal in the necklace was used to harness the power of the comet. Luckily for Klaus, full moons are a little more common than comets. Unfortunately, he still needed to wait around for the Doppelganger. Right now the Moonstone is in the possession of Klaus after being bounced around the globe for a few centuries.

Now obviously we already know that the
Doppelganger was the person sacrificed to bind the curse. So what we know as concrete fact is that the original human sacrifice was a Petrova. What I assume is that they are probably the most important part of the curse and what I theorize is that the original doppelganger was probably someone very close to Klaus, and most likely very close to Elijah, because we all know how much the writers love their eternal brotherly threesomes. Elena comes close to knowing why it was Petrova blood that was necessary during 2.09 when she is asking Katherine about the curse, and Katherine kind of answers her, but also kind of deflects the question:

E: "What does the Petrova bloodline have to do with Klaus?"
K: "It's really tedious but...the curse was bound by the sacrifice of Petrova blood. Witches are crafty with their spells. The Doppelganger was created as way to undo the spell. Once the Doppelganger reappeared, the curse can be broken."

So she hides the fact that she didn't explain why it's the Petrova blood that had to be sacrificed when the curse was made by giving Elena other relevant information about the Doppelgangers. Now I believe that Katherine (obviously) knows more than she's letting on. Actually, I think she probably knows everything, but more on that later.

The identity of the original Petrova is as of yet unknown, but there are a few theories floating around. I'm going to go into more detail about my favorite theory a little further down in the post. Right now what's important is the identity of the current Doppelganger who is of course our own Elena Gilbert, who is currently residing in Mystic falls, her birthplace. So two more checks for Klausybaby (You go, girl!).

Katherine also mentions in 2.09 that a
Werewolf and a Vampire are needed to break the curse. Here's the whole conversation between her and Elena about what's needed (other than the moonstone and the doppelganger) to break the curse:

E: "What else is needed to break the curse?"
K:"Oooh, look who's getting smarter."
E: "It's not just me, or the stone, is it? Otherwise there would be no reason to trigger Tyler Lockwood's werewolf curse."
K: "Witches and their spells. So many ingredients, so many people to sacrifice."
E: "So you need a Werewolf."
K: "Believe it or not, they're hard to come by"
E: "What else?"
K: "A Witch to do the spell. Mine bailed, but little Bonnie will do just fine."
E: "What else?"
K: "A
K: "Could've been anyone, I suppose, but I liked the poetry of Caroline."
E: "So you were gonna just hand us all over to be killed?"
K: "Better you die than I."

So it seemed straightforward enough, basically an outline of what flavors are supposed to be added into this moonstone blood soup that's happening. However there's been something about this conversation that's kind of been niggling at the back of my brain since this episode aired. I think the bloodlines have everything to do with the people chosen by Katherine as the sacrifices. Obviously, Elena could be the only choice as the
Doppelganger. But why Tyler, and previously Mason, as the Werewolf sacrifice? And for the Witch she has Bonnie, and previously Lucy, both of whom are Bennett witches. Why did she stick with these two bloodlines for these two sacrifices? And why can the Vampire sacrifice be any vampire?
I'm going to try and answer these questions, but I must ask that you bear with me because it requires a lot, and I mean a lot, of over-indulgence in crack-like theories influenced by little sleep and too much over-analyzing of a teen angst riddled prime time drama.

So basically what makes me think that the
Witch and Werewolf sacrifices have to be from a specific bloodline is something Katherine says about the Vampire sacrifice:

"Could've been anyone I suppose..."

Vampire sacrifice could've been anyone, implying that the other sacrifices couldn't have been, but instead had to be specific people, or specific bloodlines. I believe that in addition to Petrova blood being spilled, ancestors in both the Bennett and the Lockwood lines were sacrificed during the original curse. So in order for the curse to work the same blood must be spilled. It's a little on the paper thin side, but I think I might actually be able to defend it, not to death of course, but at least for a little while.

However, first I should answer the question as to why it doesn't matter what vampire gets sacrificed. If we go off of the theory that all the sacrifices must come from the same bloodline, then the vampire sacrifice really doesn't matter. It really can be any vampire. And I'll tell you why. The vampire used as a sacrifice during the original curse had to have been made by one of the Original vampires, because all vampires come from the Originals. Since all vampires come from the Originals, then any vampire sacrificed will technically be a vampire descendent of an Original vampire. So there, all wrapped up in a nice little bow. As for the "...but I liked the poetry of Caroline." portion of the line, I believe Katherine is referring to the fact that all of the sacrifices have a tie to the founding of Mystic Falls. Bonnie is descended from Salem witches, who actually founded the town, Elena is a Gilbert, Tyler a Lockwood, and finally Caroline a Forbes. It's kind of a nice little fuck you to all the people who tried to kill her and all the other vampires way back when, by offering up their greatx4 grandchildren as blood sacrifices to a creature far worse than the nightmares they faced back during the civil war.

But back to the mortal bloodlines.

So, how in the history of all coincidences do all three of the sacrifice bloodlines end up in the same town? Going to high school together? CELEBRATING THE LARGEST AMOUNT OF TOWN EVENTS KNOWN TO MAN TOGETHER? Okay, this question is going to take a lot of finagling on my part, but what kind of crack theory doesn't involve some good ole' fashion manipulation of the given facts? So basically
from here on out I'm going delve into just straight speculation.

So, if we assume that my drunk ass theory is true then there were Bennetts and Lockwoods, or at least Bennett and Lockwood ancestors, running around in Europe around the time of the Originals and the original Petrova doppelganger. We could even get really crazy and say that it was a Lockwood ancestor that Elijah and Klaus' mother got cozy with way back when. That actually makes sense because I think for the curse the blood of the sacrifices would have to have ties to the subject of the curse, meaning Klaus. So a werewolf from the same blood line as him, a Vampire made by him, and the original Petrova, whom he probably very deeply loved. I believe the witch was probably from the clan of witches who created and performed the curse. In order to create such a powerful and unique curse they needed to sacrifice one of their own witches.

So how did they get from the ass end of Europe to Mystic Falls, Virginia? Well, Katerine helped a bit, I think, though I don't think intentionally. Not at first at least.

I think the Lockwood family landed in Mystic Falls of their own accord, I don't think they had any help in getting there and that it just happens to be where they decided to settle down. I think that Katherine maneuvered the other bloodlines into Mystic Falls, I think as a safety net, just in case Klaus ever caught up to her.  

Katherine is nothing if not a survivalist, and I can't believe she wouldn't have tried to acquire as much information about the curse as she possibly could throughout her years as a vampire. I think she learned that the Sun and the Moon curse was a fake and discovered Klaus' true nature. I also believe that she solicited the help of the Bennett witch ancestors in Europe after becoming a vampire, possibly to create her sunlight necklace, and to help her hide from Klaus. It would make sense to keep an eye on the blood line though out the years.

Fast forward to a few years later (no one knows but the both of us, thanks Alanis!) and Katerina is now Katherine and hanging out in America. She runs into another Bennett witch and Emily becomes her handmaiden. Soon Katherine makes the move to Mystic Falls for her own reasons, just looking for a place to settle I suppose. I don't think she knew at first that the Lockwoods were werewolves, or that they were descendents of that werewolf family from long ago, but I think she eventually figured it out. So now, the gears are turning in our little Katherine's head as she realizes two of the original three mortal bloodlines reside in Mystic Falls. At this point in 1864 she doesn't do much about this, but I think these little nuggets of information stay with her. So when the time comes for the town council to gather and slaughter all the vampires Katherine makes her bid for safety. She makes the deal with George Lockwood for help with her escape in exchange for the moonstone. I think she felt safe giving the moonstone to him because she knows that the Lockwoods will want to keep it secret keep it safe. And so she escapes and she's out in the world yet again, but with the knowledge that 3 of the necessary curse ingredients are all in the same place.

So she starts running again, but I think she decides to track down her own descendents. In 1.21 Isobel mentions that Katherine found her after she turned into a vampire and helped her obtain her own sunlight necklace. I think Katherine found her line of descendents much earlier and helped make sure that they settled in Virginia near Mystic Falls. Then all she had to do was wait for the doppelganger to reappear and she would have her bargaining chips.

Gosh, this sounds all so far fetched, but screw it, I'm running with it. Won't this be fun when the episode airs later and half my theory gets debunked? Lols lols lols.

Oh, and another question gets raised by my theory: Why not make three different doppelgangers for the sacrifice? Why only make a human doppelganger? Well, I have a few ideas about that too!

a. It would be completely insane to have 3 different freaking doppelgangers running all around the world.


b. I think the original sacrifice was made into a doppelganger to torment Klaus. If we go off the assumption that the original Petrova was someone that Klaus loved then it seems like a fitting punishment for him that in order to break the curse he would have to kill her all over again. Unfortunately, I don't think the witches counted on Klaus' ability to not give a shit about anything or anyone who would stand in the way of him becoming the superman of monsters.

Is that it, is that all my loose ends? Wait, nope one very large and very loose end.

Klaus thinks Bonnie's dead, so that's the end of that bloodline. Hrmm, I really don't see a way around this one. Huh, apparently there is a limit to my crazy. Good to know. Unless there never really was a witch sacrifice and he only needed a witch to perform the spell, which he already has in Greta and Maddoxx. Or, maybe the witch bloodline doesn't matter and it can be any witch? My only scrap of evidence I have to support this is that during the episode where Luka shows Bonnie all the grimoires his father has collected he mentions that his father believes that all witches are family, and mayhaps this is a popular opinion among witches? So therefore any witch would be a fitting sacrifice? I don't know, I think my theory may be unraveling here...

Any hootie and the blowfish, on to my next crackcrazytheory! I was going to divide this up into multiple posts, but fuck it, here it is:


(never thought I'd see the day where I had to add the word "werepire" to my computer's dictionary)

So I first read this theory over on waltzmatildah 's speculation post. At first it seems kind of insane because, come on, not one, but two werepires? What are the chances of that? And then the more I thought about it the more sense it made. I'm still sort of mulling over my reasons for believing this is possible, so bear with me as I try and organize my thoughts here.

This show fucking loves parallel story lines. It's practically the bread and butter of their story arcs, that and eternal love triangles.

So we have the original Petrova doppelganger who's followed by Katerina and then by Elena. The original was definitely in some sort of relationship with Klaus and possibly/probably Elijah. Then Katerina and Elijah have a fledgling relationship, and Klaus feigns a romantic interest in her in order to keep her around for the sacrifice. Then she runs off to America and becomes Katherine, and finds another set of brothers to keep her interest, the Salvatores. Then she escapes Mystic Falls and disappears for a time. Elena appears and becomes involved with Stefan. Damon also enters into the picture and she begins to care for him, while he pretty much immediately falls in love with her. 

So if we were to compare the members of the triangles it would be like this:

Klaus    is Klaus     is Damon      is Damon.
Original is Katerina is Katherine is Elena.
Elijah    is Elijah     is Stefan       is Stefan.

So there are all four of the triangles, with their counterpart members throughout the years.

A lot of people have been mentioning how similar both Elijah and Stefan are, and I see it as well. They are both pretty level headed, are fiercely loyal to those they choose to be loyal too, and both have showed evidence of caring very deeply for other people. They also both have pretty strict moral codes which I believe they use in order to keep their barbaric vampire sides at bay.

Now, if Stefan is the current doppelganger's Elijah, then Damon is her Klaus. They both have a pretty destructive dark side, and are known for their rash and impulsive behavior.

I think that the Salvatore brothers are supposed to be mirrors of the Original brothers, and I think that it's supported by Elijah's flashbacks during 2.19 back to when he and Klausy were still on good terms with each other. I do hope we get some flashbacks to the original Petrova doppelganger.

So if the Salvatores are their mirrors then it isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility that Damon is a werepire as well. It's possibly that he Stefan merely share the same mother and that she had an affair with a Lockwood, therefore passing the gene on to Damon. It explains the barely contained contempt Giuseppe Salvatore had for human Damon, and explains Damon's insane fucking behavior recently.

Damon used to be my favorite character, but recently I've felt nothing but annoyance and anger for him. If he's not exploding into a fit of rage and biting ladies then he's acting like a petulant child throwing a fit. His mood swings have been completely out of hand, and on the bring of deserving a swift and timely death. Even if he isn't a werepire there needs to be some sort of explanation as to what the fuck is going on with his personality, because I did not sign up for this shit. It has to be more than just Rose dying and Elena not being in love with him. But for now, I'm betting on the werepire theory. 

So that's that, I have a couple little thoughts rolling around in this big crazy mess I call a brain, but none of them have to come to too much fruition just yet. Here's a bit of what I'm thinking:



Where are the other Original siblings?

Was Lexie an Original?
(please be true please be true please be true please be true)

Why was Elijah the only one helping Klaus break the curse?

Have we already met some originals and maybe didn't know?
(lexie lexie lexie lexie lexie lexie)

Did Elijah and Klaus' parents become Originals as well? Or just their children?

How much more do we not know about them?

How did John Gilbert found out so much?

Which leads me to:


Why does it seem like all the Gilberts knew so much more than the rest of the Council?

How much did Grayson tell Miranda?

Why did they have a vampire battle closet at the lakehouse?

How did 1864 John Gilbert die?

Did they know about the curse?

Did they know Katherine escaped?

Why didn't they tell anyone about the Salvatores?

What did Katherine tell John?

Which leads me to:


Does she know that Damon's possibly a werepire?

How did she figure all this out?

Is she really that charming?
(yes, the girl could charm the devil out of his disguise. Heck the girl is the devil in disguise)

Why are all the Petrova's so damn awesome/important/fierce?


Does he have a clue as to what the breaking of the curse could possibly have in store for him?

What has he done his travels of the world?

What does he know of Katherine's origins?


I think we can trust him, but I don't want to base that solely on my love for his character. There's always the chance that he's a free agent and is working for himself.


Seriously? Why are they following his orders? What possible gain do they have from doing what he asks? Don't they see nothing but bloodshed coming from this?


I'm all cracked out. Now I have to go to work and I'm not going to get out in time to watch the episode debunk all my theories. :(



(no need, I already know!)




OK. I really I have to go now. BUH BYE. EDITED TO ADD: I'm not going to be able to watch tonight's episode until later on, so I'll update this post afterwards with whatever changes/updates I have.

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Pied: [tvd] get in the carwheatear on April 28th, 2011 09:19 pm (UTC)
So many good questions!

I've seen this Damon is a werepire theory around a couple of times, but honestly I don't see how it can be true. One, if werepires could be created every time you turned a werewolf, then surely there'd be quite a few of them around. Klaus could already have created his master werepire race just by turning werewolves. To make this work, you'd have to say that the curse somehow suppresses the wolf-ness of every single werewolf-turned-vampire, and Elijah said the curse was specific to Klaus.

(I'd be surprised if werewolves can be turned into vampires. I think Klaus is different because he's an Original, but I guess we'll find out more about that.)

Two, Damon was a soldier as a human. Chances are high that he'd already killed people, therefore triggering the curse. If he'd done this, surely the Lockwoods would have taken him in. At the very least, he'd be aware of it himself and there's nothing about Damon's portrayal in the flashbacks that makes me think he was more than an ordinary human. I'd find it very hard to swallow such a huge retcon.
deirdreisafandeirdreisafan on April 28th, 2011 11:57 pm (UTC)
One, if werepires could be created every time you turned a werewolf, then surely there'd be quite a few of them around. Klaus could already have created his master werepire race just by turning werewolves.

A lot of people have actually been thinking just this, but you bring up a good point. I feel like if this was true, more people would know about it happening as it would be hard to conceal that Klaus was turning people with the werewolf gene.

Two, Damon was a soldier as a human. Chances are high that he'd already killed people, therefore triggering the curse.

This is definitely probably, but I feel that the writers would find an easy way to write their way around this by saying that while yes Damon was a soldier, he abandoned the war before actually killing anyone. But it could go either way, really.

Thanks for your input and for reading!
deirdreisafandeirdreisafan on April 29th, 2011 12:02 am (UTC)
Sorry, I mean to write This is definitely probably what happened, perdon.
Pied: katherine (always scheming)wheatear on April 29th, 2011 02:49 pm (UTC)
Damon was a soldier, he abandoned the war before actually killing anyone.

It's possible, but I'd find it implausible. Though after seeing last night's episode, I'm reminded that I just cannot predict where the writers are going at all, so who knows!
deirdreisafandeirdreisafan on April 29th, 2011 05:50 pm (UTC)
Though after seeing last night's episode, I'm reminded that I just cannot predict where the writers are going at all, so who knows!

I friggen know, right? The whole episode made me so nervous, and I had no idea what was going on.
waltzmatildah: tvd: katherine maskedwaltzmatildah on April 29th, 2011 10:38 am (UTC)
One, if werepires could be created every time you turned a werewolf, then surely there'd be quite a few of them around. Except, Damon and Stefan have been around as vamps for 145 years and they had NO CLUE werewolves even existed until Mason turned up... So, maybe there really aren't that many of them around... I would absolutely buy that.

With regard to Damon being a soldier, as I postulated over at my original post, he could have defected before he killed anyone. He could have held a position that did not require killing. Maybe he never served on the 'front line'. Maybe he ordered people to kill other people, but never actually did the killing himself. Weapons back in the civil war were no where near as accurate as they are these days. So many people ended up horrifically injured but didn't actually die. Not only this but, maybe Damon was a solider for like, 2 weeks? 2 days? We actually have no idea... (as far as I know). If the writers want to go here (Damon is a werepire), they can totally get around this 'problem' realistically.

In light of the most recent episode, I'm not AS convinced about my theory as I was prior to it, BUT, I thought Klaus' "Damon, I've heard about you..." was VERY interesting wording (which can be interpreted any number of ways, I know, but one way could definitely be, I've heard you might be a you-know-what), and two, the bite. They're obviously not going to kill him off. And they've already established that they're basically unsurvivable (though, we don't have PROOF I guess, because Damon killed her first), maybe he survives because he's part wolf?

So, while I think my theory has been party blown outta the water, I don't think it's fully been debunked - yet! Haha!

Anyway, s'cuse me for butting in over here!
Pied: katherine piercewheatear on April 29th, 2011 02:54 pm (UTC)
So, maybe there really aren't that many of them around... I would absolutely buy that.

For me, it's still a stretch. Elijah made it sound like they didn't exist, like they'd be something new. And I do think the whole point of making Klaus a werepire was to make him something unique. That impact would be lessened if it turned out that another vampire had that gene all along too.

I think Klaus heard about Damon through Isobel. That would be my guess.

The bite though, that's more interesting, and it would definitely be one hell of a twist to save him that way. I'm certain he'll survive it somehow, but at this point I have no idea how. I just can't predict with this show. XD
waltzmatildah: tvd: elijahwaltzmatildah on April 29th, 2011 03:12 pm (UTC)
I think Klaus heard about Damon through Isobel. I think Klaus heard about Damon through Elijah!! I do not trust the crafty bugger one iota!! There were too many things in the episode that pointed to Elijah being on Team!Klaus for my mind. Next week will be VERY interesting. IS IT NEXT WEEK YET?!
Pied: elijah does not give awheatear on April 29th, 2011 03:14 pm (UTC)
Oh my god, nooooo. I want Elijah to be trustworthy so, so much. AT THIS POINT I HAVE NO IDEA. NEXT WEEK, NOW PLZ.
Meg, The Great and Terrible: Elijah/Katherinelit_chick08 on April 28th, 2011 09:42 pm (UTC)
I'm of two minds with the whole werepire thing. On the one hand, it would be an interesting twist which could effect the dynamic between Stefan and Damon, which I'm always in favor of because I think something needs to shake up the relationship. On the other hand, Damon was so mild mannered as a human and horrified by Stefan's actions post-turning. I think his recent instability is much more linked to his emotional unraveling because he's realizing he might never have Elena.

I agree about the parallels, but I saw Elijah and Damon as the same. They're both the looked over brother, the one who was in love with the Petrova doppelganger only to have to watch her be with his brother. This isn't to say Klaus and Stefan are similiar on an evil level; but I think both Stefan and Klaus are used to getting what they want and, in both cases, the thing they wanted the most involved the doppelganger.

Please God let Lexi be an Original! I read an interview today with Julie Plec that said Season 3 will be "the season of the Originals," which means more BAMF Elijah and hopefully more Lexi! I have this theory that each of the Originals represent a different type of vampire: Klaus is the evil werepire, Elijah's the honorable gentleman, Lexi could be the one who was closest to humanity...*fingers crossed*

Why didn't the Gilberts tell anyone about the Salvatores?! And why didn't I ever think to ask this question before?!

I always assumed in the hierarchy of the Founders, the Gilberts were the top of the pyramid, followed by the Lockwoods, then the Forbes, then the Fells. With Grayson and Miranda gone, John would step into the top spot, which would explain why both Mayors Lockwood defer to him in Council situations. If Johnathan was known for his crazy Unibomber journalling tendencies, then the Gilberts would have the most practical knowledge about vampires and the like. Richard Lockwood didn't seem to have any idea about the werewolf legacy, Liz admits in Season 1 she had never killed a vampire, and we all know what happened to Logan. The Gilberts seem like they were the ones who called the shots.

Meg, The Great and Terrible: Elijah/Katherinelit_chick08 on April 28th, 2011 09:44 pm (UTC)
Oh! And I also think vampires die from a werewolf bite because the bite is like a virus; it can't survive in their system at the same time the vampire "virus" is in their bodies. If/When the curse is broken, if a vampire is bit by a werewolf, I would imagine then the werewolf bite would not be fatal because the body would be able to handle both simultaneously.

I imagine this is also true if a vampire tried to turn a werewolf, which we've never seen thus far. For example, if Tyler bit Caroline, Caroline would die because her body couldn't handle the werewolf virus. But if Caroline tried to turn Tyler, I also think it wouldn't work because you can't be both at once.

Until Klaus is successful.
starsimpulse: yay! ponies!starsimpulse on April 28th, 2011 10:48 pm (UTC)
was lexie an original? WAS LEXIE AN ORIGINAL?



i liked reading your theories, though. there's been so much speculation and even fic about damon being a werepire that it's going to be super weird when it's not true. like even though i feel like it is super far fetched, at this point i am kind of honestly expecting it to happen, you know?

deirdreisafandeirdreisafan on April 29th, 2011 12:23 am (UTC)
I KNOW! I saw it during a comment prompt post some where and I literally have not been able to stop thinking about it. I mean it would be completely ridiculous if it happened, and it's probably totally not gonna happen, BUT WHAT IF IT DID? COULD YOU IMAGINE? Stefan and Lexie back in action! Throw in some Vamp Caroline and all of my dreams have come true! They'd throw Stefan surprise birthday parties, redecorate the boarding house, take Damon on little werewolf walks. My eyes, they have hearts, and I never want them to leave.
waltzmatildah: tvd: katherine has party hairwaltzmatildah on April 29th, 2011 10:42 am (UTC)
and even fic Guilty as charged!! HAHA!!

The Lexi thing is super interesting!! BUT, if she and Stefan are totally BFFs then I'm not sure I buy that she hasn't been in contact with him since her 'death'... I mean, I'm sure the writers would just write their way around it, but I dont think I'd really buy it. Just like I don't really buy that Katherine ONLY LOVED Stefan for 145 years but didn't get in contact with him at all in that time... I know the Lexi thing has only been months, and in the scheme of eternity, that's not very long, but still... Not sure I'd buy it.
buhhhfaluffalobuhhhfaluffalo on April 29th, 2011 03:52 am (UTC)
You have too much time on your hands, mon frere.
deirdreisafandeirdreisafan on April 29th, 2011 05:45 pm (UTC)
stop judging meeeeeeeeeee. also hayyy real life friend getting a front row seat the crazy that is my brainnnnn
quiet dear I'm blooming withinturnonmyheels on April 29th, 2011 04:19 pm (UTC)
Originals can only be killed by the one fancy stake. Lexie died by a regular stake.
deirdreisafandeirdreisafan on April 29th, 2011 05:47 pm (UTC)
Yah, but remember that time when the Salvatore brothers "killed" Elijah with that big wooden stake, and a couple hours later he came back to life? So it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Ok, maybe it is, but wouldn't it be great if it just happened?
quiet dear I'm blooming withinturnonmyheels on April 29th, 2011 06:31 pm (UTC)
It's a wonderful idea, definitely -- but then I think about Stefan grieving for Lexie all this time and ...

she wouldn't have done that to him. would she?
swirlsofblueswirlsofblue on April 30th, 2011 02:37 pm (UTC)
My friend actually had a similar theory about Katherine organising for all the families to be in Mystic Falls. I think this idea actually has a lot of credence when looked at closely. Firstly, given the rarity of werewolves and the singularity of the doppelganger line, it seems incredibly unlikely that they ended up in the same place by chance. In addition the witches just happened to decide to settle there, as did the vampires, and the conveniences just continue. Elijah (the one who knows all about these curse matters) made a point of mentioning the discrepencies in the founding families accounts of founding the town and the 'founding' of Mystic Falls is a main focal point of the show, suggesting that has to do with a major storyline.

I'm not sure whether it was Katherine or someone else but I do feel that there is something purposeful about the whole situation. Also I think possibly Katherine turned Stefan and Damon as part of a greater plan entirely. These lines are all important, so how were the Salvatore's important? I have a crazy theory of my own;

If we say Elena is to Katherine, as Stefan-Damon are to Elijah-Klause, given that Elena is Katherine's descendent, is it possible that Stefan and Damon are descendents of human children the Originals could've had before they turned? What would that mean? As for the unravelling point of your theory; there are plenty of Bennet witches still around (inc Lucy).

I've really enjoyed all this speculation of Damon as a werepire, I just had another thought; do we know for certain that Stefan and Damon had the same mother? Ok, it's something they probably would've mentioned at some point but neither of them are terribly open about their pasts. It's even possible they don't know if Damon was young enough when his mother died and grew up with Stefan's mother as his mother.

On the Gilbert secrets, and human!Salvatore secrets, I have asked this question so many times and am yet to find satisfactory answers, I'm lead to believe it must be something huge going on in the background (there have been errings of Gilbert-Salvatore things with Guiseppse and Jonathon keeping secrets). The Gilberts know more because of Jonathon Gilbert's journals, also Stefan compelled all the other surviving members of the founders council in 1864; lots of info potentially lost there, and he didn't know Jonathon Gilbert was still alive. Also 40% of the council knew about Stefan and Damon and yet the council didn't know about them, Zach decided not to have children because of them- Damon has killed Joseph Salvatore and seems to be a real blight on their lives- why have they not told?

Don't get me started on the Gilbert secrets, I will go on forever :)

I'm loving the idea of Lexi being an original, and the idea would be completely ridiculous if it weren't for the fact that this show loves parallels, and Lexi's death was spoken of in the ep where Elijah was killed and then Stefan and Damon were talking about her OVER ELIJAH's CORPSE. Lexi is an Original in my head.